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The Dali Paris Gallery 

Situated within the museum, the gallery provides the visitors with the largest private collection of Salvador Dalí's Artworks in France.

The major attention is paid to the Dalí Sculpture Collection ©, which presents a significant aspect of Dali's artistic creation.

Each of the 29 sculptures embodies iconic and symbolic elements dear to the artist. Cast in bronze with the lost wax technique, each bronze is a limited edition, numbered and authentified with an official Certificate of Authenticity and Foundry Certificate.

A selection of rare graphic artworks, hand-signed by Dali, is also provided by our Art Advisors : each is presented in the Catalogue Raisonné édited by M. Albert Field, the reference catalogue concerning this aspect of Dali's work.

The Dali Sculpture Collection©

The Dali Sculpture Collection© is considered to be the greatest part of the legacy we have of the Surrealist master these days. Even though Dali remained a painter, he wanted to experiment beyond the two-dimensional flatness of canvas and paper. The new medium brought a new dimension to his work, by preserving the artistic idea for many years to come and revealing Dali’s inner sensuality and softness. Salvador Dali was able to carry out the project of creating the limited edition sculptures, that would preserve the surrealist thought of an artist for eternity.

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