Aurelia - Salvador Dalí

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“The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” by Albert Field. N. 75 - 12, Reference A-D, page 72. Published by The Salvador Dali Archives.


This suite consists of 4 illustrations, taken from the book ‘Aurelia' by the French romantic writer Gerard de Nerval. The story is based on the author’s struggling life and his jump into the madness.

‘Aurelia’ erases the borders between the real life and dreams - bringing us closer to the crucial aspect of Salvador Dali’s works, who created his masterpieces in a ‘dream-like’ state of mind.

The distinct resemblance between the two figures, the one of Dali and the one of Nerval, inspired Dali to create illustrations of the author's last work. During his lifetime, Nerval was tormented by obsessive hallucinations. The author was hallucinating of his mother, whom he lost at the age of two, as well as of Jenny Colon – an actress with whom Nerval maintained a short but passionate relationship.

Gerard de Nerval is considered to be the precursor of the surrealist movement, as his creative process involved dreams.

’Aurelia’ is the story taken from Nerval’s dreamlike trip. It is considered as one of his most prominent works, which earned him the prestige of being regarded as the forerunner of surrealism. Nerval served as an inspiration not only for Salvador Dali but for many more generations to come.

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