Surrealist Flowers - Salvador Dalí

Informations Techniques

Lithographie, en relief
Date d'édition
“The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” by Albert Field. N. 72-7, Reference A-O, pages 168-169. Published by The Salvador Dali Archives.


Originally Salvador Dali created the suit that consised of 15 floral lithographs of Dalinized illustrations, published in  1972. ‘Florals’ also known as Surrealist Flowera include the pseudo-Latin names created by Captain Moore-Dali’s right-hand man with whom he worked for 20 years. As in all of Dali’s paintings, flowers carried a symblic meaning for the painter. Flowers represent the symbol of knowledge, the fruitility of life. The series of the ‘Florals’ include the variety of different surrealistic objects, that make flowers appear as human beings.

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