The Mythology - Salvador Dalí

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Date d'édition
“The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali” by Albert Field. N. 63-3, Reference A-P, pages 24-25. Published by The Salvador Dali Archives. ​


‘The Mythology’ suite by Salvador Dali consists of 16 engravings in total. The suite was published by Pierre Argillet in Paris at intervals between 1960-1964.

Dali created the given set of illustrations by using the symbolism of the ancient Greek legends. The artist used the so-called ‘Hasard Objectif’- technique adapted by Andre Breton that allowed Dali to start the drawing by a spontaneous hand movement that would give him the basis for the sketch. This way Dali gave birth to his masterpieces with the help of fate, relying solely on the chance.

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