Dali Paris, which has welcomed nearly 150,000 international visitors per year for over 25 years, has changed and reopened on April 13, 2018. The public will discover the private art collection patiently composed by Beniamino Levi, one of Salvador Dali’s art great collectors and art dealers.

Dali’s genius extended far beyond the realm of traditional art. In anticipation of the contemporary art period, he explored all new areas of creation: design, edition, fashion, theater and cinema, advertising. Each decisive meeting, Albert Skyra, Elsa Schiaparelli, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Daum, encouraged him to create innovative shapes that still inspire today, from Jef Koons to Lady Gaga.

The entire dali exhibition in Paris is about shapes and distortions and the notion of matter in fusion: the metamorphosis of objects in the painter’s canvases, such as the “moving shapes of these immobile rocks” at Cap Creus, deceive the viewer’s senses. Illusion in Dalí’s paintings make the visible invisible and the invisible visible.

Welcome to Dalí Paris! Discover our exhibition, our history and our knowledge on the master of surrealism.


Mr Beniamino Levi is not only a curator and an expert in Modern Art who can describe, analyze, exhibit, and maintain collections… He was there when it all happened.


Discover the techniques Dalí used to produce his artworks. Learn what the bronze lost wax process is and Discover how Dalí created prints and graphic artworks.