Dalinian perfection

  If you play the genie, you become it.
  Do not be afraid of perfection. You will never get there.
  There are people who are not smart enough to have all opinions at once. I am not one of those.
  Without even mentioning my genius, the others are so bad …
  The drool of the moron is the proof of genius.
  There is always a moment in their lives when people realize that they adore me.
  Modesty is not exactly my specialty.
  Yesterday 9th September, I spent accounting of my awesomeness to see if it increases.

Dali and art

  Surrealism is me!
  The difference between the surrealists and me is that I am surreal.
  Between Picasso and Miro, I chose, it will be Salvador Dali.
  Bad taste is always creative. It is the domination of biology over intelligence.
  The musicians are morons, and even supergelatinous morons.
  The jealousy of other painters has always been the thermometer of my success.
  I enjoy cuckolding modern art.
  The painter is not the one who is inspired, but the one who is able to inspire others.

Dali and eroticism

  Man has two flaws: modesty and woman.
  Woman is the divine source of man’s cretinization.
  Eroticism must always be ugly, aesthetic, divine, and death, beautiful.
  Erotic desire is the ruin of intellectualist aesthetics.
  Eroticism is a royal way of the soul of God.
  Aviation is the most spectacular expression of the sexual instinct.
  My love goes through the soul, my eroticism through the eye.
  I am in a state of permanent intellectual erection.

Dali and money

  I can prove to you that I’m likely to accept $ 50,000 right now, without flinching.
  From my childhood, I decided to go through life by being slightly multimillionaire.
  While I love advertising, it’s undeniable that advertising loves me even more.

Various sentences

  The Russian Revolution is the French Revolution which arrives late because of the cold weather.
  Freedom of opinion is nothing compared to the colossal freedom to sit in the sun when you do not want to work.
  Between Picasso and Miro, I chose, it will be Salvador Dali.
  I do not like animals or children. It moves.
  I love my enemies when they are intelligent as much as I hate the stupid ones who defend me.

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