From 10 april to 24 june 2009

Dalí Paris shows the heart of the creation in the artist stating, from April 10 to June 24, Dalí at work. Over 100 photographs taken in 1950 by a friend and specialist Master Robert Descharnes, reveal the artist in full creativity. Carefully selected by Nicolas Descharnes, expert of the work, these photographs show the artist, visionary, struggling with his most unusual tools often. The eye of Robert Descharnes seized the moment to play the creation of the work.

The exhibition reveals the spontaneity of a Dalí with his speech and all its effects.

"My philosophy is that of the man who works and plays both, that is to say, who thinks and acts, whose whole life is the development of his thought and the thought that any whole is constantly expressed by the game. "Salvador Dalí

Beyond the painter Salvador Dalí is a visionary and a researcher. Like artists of the Renaissance, he was not content to paint. He associated with the process of creating a ceremonial carefully studied in various fields happening, film, sculpture and illustration. Dalí uses photography in his work and performs scenes in collaboration with prestigious photographers such as Man Ray, Brassaï and Philippe Halsman. Alone, in addition, will be her photographer Robert Descharnes témoin.C’est during winter 1950-1951 e he befriends the couple Gala / Dalí. This attachment will last more than forty years, until his death. His photographs reveal the strong connection between the photographer and the artist, capturing every moment of tranquility, creativity and entertainment.

The images reveal that spontaneity in all circumstances, proving the serenity of Dalí facing the constant objective. Robert Descharnes took more than 60,000 pictures of the man and his work. The selection exhibited at Dalí Paris is a “visual dictionary” of the second stage of the life of the artist, his work, his conceptual intentions, its environment and surroundings.


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