From 11 september 2015 to 14 february 2016

Who could bring together in the same exhibition the following artists: Arman, Ben, César, Paella Chimicos, Louis Derbré, Etienne, Carlos Mata, Hilton McConnico, Jérôme Mesnager, Alain Séchas, Richard Texier… and Salvador Dalí?
Only Daum can, the famous master glassmaker from Lorraine, partner with artists for over 130 years.

In 1968, when the Daum approached the extravagant Salvador Dalí to ask him to work with crystal, neither one would have imagined that the combination of craftsmanship and art would live on, adding new horizons for the French manufacture that possesses unique French expertise.

The exhibition’s paradox and charm are products of the encounter of an ancient technique and the freedom given to artists to express their fantasies. Imagination is unchained…

The exposition’s title itself, “Daum, variations d’artistes”, sets the tone: artists’ dreams literally bite into the matter that is both supple and frozen by fusion that appears transparent and mottled with a visitor’s caressing look.

Art will be transparent at Dali Paris from September 11, 2015 to February 14th, 2016: an original exhibition that brings together, for the first time, these exceptional works of art.

An exhibition organised with the partnership of Daum,
and the support of Nancy City.

A special way to enjoy the exhibition : the late night visits

Dali Paris opens until 9 PM on Wednesday, October 21st, November 18th, December 30th, January 20th and February, 10th – tickets available HERE

Scenography : Agence Didier Saco Design


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Sortir à Paris – “une belle découverte de la rentrée !
Télématin -“Une exposition formidable”
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BFM TV Business – Le Must avec Richard Odier, directeur général de Daum. – Goûts de Luxe Paris, du mercredi 9 septembre 2015, présenté par Karine Vergniol, sur BFM Business.



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