From 10 february to 10 may 2012

Dalí Paris presents for the first time in France the collection of works offered and autographed by Salvador Dalí to his friend and Secretary Enrique Sabater. From February 10th to May 10th, 2012, the public admired a hundred dedications composed of oils, watercolors, sketches, drawings, models of furniture, photographs that are evidence of the friendship between the Catalan genius and the man who was his secretary for more than twelve years.

The meeting told by Enrique Sabater”It all started on a Monday, during the summer of 1968 when I went to the home of the painter in Port Lligat, which also served as his studio. I was charged by a news agency to do an interview of Salvador Dalí, that summer on the Costa Brava. Dalí, I had seen hims from afar in Figueres, where he seemed to be part of the decor of the Empordà. After showing my press card to Rosa, the housekeeper, I was introduced to the artist. Our conversation lasted a good time and a far cry from the first meeting between two strangers, this meeting seemed that of two old friends finding themselves together after long years of separation. Finally when the time came for my leaving, Dalí gave me a “whatever you ask me will cost $ 15,000, that’s my usual fee for interviews.” Naturally, I did not have that kind of money on me and I could not collect the sum within a reasonable time. Salvador Dalí easily remedied the situation, “Do not worry. Come back the next day. Regardless of whether or not you bring that money”. Appreciating his kindness, I knocked on the door of Port Lligat, forty-eight hours later again; then began a fascinating discussion, a pleasant head-to-head with, in the background, the daily life of the Empordà. Once again, as I thought we would never have the opportunity to meet again, he added, as a postscript: “Why do not you come back tomorrow? “. That’s what I did during the twelve years of my life I dedicated to Salvador Dalí and his universe. “


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