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15/06/2022 - 09/10/2022

Faithful to its appointment with contemporary artists, Dalí Paris welcomes the artist Patrick Rubinstein to evoke the multiple variations of kinetic art.
Patrick Rubinstein is a French artist born in 1960. He works and lives in Paris. He develops a kinetic universe from multiple influences and invents the Kinetic Pop Art movement, combining the technical principles of optical arts and the theme of figuration in art.
Fascinated by the work of Yaacov Agam, whose accordion-like optical process gives the optical impression of movement through the displacement of the viewer in relation to the work, he separates himself from it in the aesthetic, adding figuration to geometric abstraction.
Always in search of innovation, he developed the principle of the Dooble consisting of merging two images into one, then applying this merged image on an assembly of perpendicular strips.
The application of the image on this support recreates at 45 ° the two original images on both sides. Several other images, interlaced with the two views, appear as the viewer moves around the work. Patrick then pushes the challenge by combining three images: in addition to the lateral views, a central image appears distinctly.
Patrick Rubinstein has worked with Philippe Starck and his work has been shown in several museums (Maurice and Paul Marciano Foundation in Los Angeles, POPA Porrentruy Optical Art in Switzerland, and the Copelouzos Museum in Athens). He regularly exhibits in more than 70 galleries around the world, including the Galerie Montmartre, a few steps away from Dalí Paris.
With this exhibition, Patrick Rubinstein joins the Dalinian obsession with escaping the limits of the optical field and experimenting with three-dimensional painting, a source of new illusions.
The impression of movement generated by Patrick Rubinstein’s technique, associated with the flashes of light due to the meticulous work of the gold leaf, plunges the spectator into an almost hypnotic state conducive to the dream and introspection dear to Dalí.
The talent and the imagination of these artists push back the borders of the visual narration and illustrate marvelously the brilliant intuition of the surrealist master: “to look is to invent”!