From 16 october 2009 to 20 january 2010

Dalí Paris turns into a jewel box and houses the collection of jewels and gold items designed by Salvador Dalí in 1960’s. Sumptuous pieces illuminate the largest exhibition of works by the Catalan master in France. These jewelry and coins praise the career of the world-renowned artist.

"Dalí, the inventor of the soft watch, was a Renaissance man and will be a day recognized as the Leonardo da Vinci of modern times." Nicolas Descharnes, The Hard and the Soft.

Following in the footsteps of the great masters of the Renaissance, Dalí has all the cultural expressions to develop his own artistic language through painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, writing, film, furniture, architecture and also silverware. The artist focuses on the design of forms, but especially on the symbolic meaning and connotation attached to gemstones and precious metals.

The pieces of this collection demonstrate the universality of Dalí. His surreal imagination expands and manifests itself in the very heart of his ideas and concepts in technical and operating materials. The artist had an exceptional ability to exploit its abundant surprising iconography. Gold, platinum, precious stones, pearls, and various quality materials combine to form as many plant and animal motifs and symbols, proving that nothing escapes the attention of the artist.

These objects were created by Dalí after the splendor and excess that characterize royalty. Each piece is inlaid with the image of the Catalan master with his eternal muse Gala. This is precisely the extravagance of Louis XIV and his splendor that inspired Dalí in the design of this collection, as the Sun King created his own “Louis d’Or”, adorned with his image.


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