New hanging

02/25/2016A new thematic scenography The Didier Saco Design Agency created a new scenography with the intention of: presenting the infinite variety of inspirations, techniques and materials that compose the permanent exhibit at Dalí Paris. Evolving according to 4 main themes – the quest for immortality, the explorer of the irrational, erotic metamorphoses, (un) natural sciences [...]

Joann Sfar – Salvador Dalí, one second before awakening

07/05/2016Joann Sfar – Salvador Dalí, one second before awakening In 1939, Dalí published the "Declaration of Independence of the Imagination and the Rights of Man to His Own Madness" in response to censorship. Consequently, he used his freedom of expression, combining ideas with spontaneous images, to instill his artworks with a unique imaginative power. Dalí [...]

Exhibition Daum, Variations d’Artistes

06/12/2015DAUM VARIATIONS D'ARTISTES Salvador Dalí and Arman / Ben / César / Paella Chimicos / Louis Derbré / Etienne / Carlos Mata / Hilton McConnico / Jérôme Mesnager / Alain Séchas / Richard Texier From 11/09/15 to 03/01/16 Who could bring together in the same exhibition the following artists: Arman, Ben, César, Paella Chimicos, Louis Derbré, [...]

Priority tickets

12/29/2014 Don't wait in line! Book online your priority tickets. You can either print them or upload them on your smartphone!You'll just have to have them checked at the entrance! You can book your tickets HERE These are valid for the whole day, and you won't have to queue at the entrance!

Dalí fait le Mur – 22 street artists at Espace Dalí

08/30/2014Dalí fait le Mur – 22 street artists at Espace DalíPolymorphic, explosive, rebel, bewildering, funny, unusual, non-conformist, popular: description of the Dalinian method or that of the Street Art? Beyond the creative process, what brings these creators close to one another is theirunique way of revealing the world: provocative, iconoclastic and wild. Just like Dalí, [...]