Dalí fait le Mur – 22 street artists at Espace Dalí

Polymorphic, explosive, rebel, bewildering, funny, unusual, non-conformist, popular: description of the Dalinian method or that of the Street Art?

Beyond the creative process, what brings these creators close to one another is theirunique way of revealing the world: provocative, iconoclastic and wild. Just like Dalí, streetartists are limitless when it comes to their sources of inspiration and convictions, themateriel and the mediums they use.About twenty urban artists have met the challenge. In dialogue with the works exhibitedat Espace Dalí, each of them created an artwork which dares to confront the surrealistuniverse with the vocabulary and the codes of urban art: painting, stencil, design, light painting, sound and installation.

Akiza, Artiste Ouvrier, Fred Calmets, Codex Urbanus, Hadrien Durand-Baïssas, Jadikan, Jérôme Mesnager, Les King’s Queer, Kool Koor, Kouka, Levalet, Thomas Mainardi, Manser, Nikodem, Nowart, Paella, Pioc PPC, Sack, Speedy Graphito, Valeria Attinelli, Zokatos.

Keith Haring and happenings (wall fresco in the rue Poulbot, meeting with the artists) will periodically set the pace of the exhibition.A specific “STREET ART” workshop is dedicated to children.